A new island breaks through a swelling surf in Øresund, sustained by you and the author’s awareness. A child takes you by the hand and skilfully leads you out of yourself, while three little people make dents in a house from the inside… Experience works from the Louisiana Collection – as perceived by the authors – and listen to their voices while looking at the artworks. Authors write about places and art at the Museum, and their contributions are produced as sound works, offering the audience an intimate literary experience during the festival. This year’s audio walks present themselves as a form of workshop for new ways of seeing and being. The authors invite you to create new works with them and offer unique insight into the writing process along the way. Produced by Pejk Malinovski


Produced by Pejk Malinovski


Christina Hesselholdt: Hvem fik huset til at bule under solnedgangen?


Claire-Louise Bennett: Your Own Two Feet (in English)


Pia Juul: Stående kvinde –·til Alberto Giacomettis værk af samme navn·



Yoko Ono: Letter to a young artist (in English)


Sjón: Thoughts of a reclining figure - to Henry Moores Two Piece Reclining Figure No. 5, 1963-1964 (in English)


Ramus Halling Nielsen: Teorier om ildkamp på åbne pladser – til Dani Karavans Square, 1982